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What We Do

Dorsal delivers fast, reliable software support at a great price, without vendor lock-in or subscriptions. Our customers pay only for what they use, based on the service quality delivered for each request.

Our professionals are vetted to maintain the highest standards of expertise, quality and security. We continuously update and publish the quality ratings for each individual to all our users. The majority of our revenue goes to our experts based on the customer feedback they receive.

Who We Are

We are a group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs committed to building an enduring company.

The company is backed by Two Sigma, Adrian Ionel (co-founder of Mirantis) and Jerry Murdoch (co-founder of Insight Venture Partners)

As software developers and operators we’ve often experienced the frustration with vendor lock-in support and services. For every dollar customers spend, a small fraction gets to the people who create results. The lion’s share disappears in layers of middlemen with no contribution to customer success. Locked into big contracts, customers pay huge fees, yet can’t get the right expertise when they need it. We aim to change this.

We believe in the power of direct connection and personal accountability between the technical experts and the customer. We also believe in a meritocracy where the true skill of software professionals is readily apparent to customers and drives their earnings and reputation.

Our team brings together creative energy, successful experience and youthful ambition. Some of us spent many years developing and shipping software products. Others are early in their careers and know no fear.

Together we share one goal: excellent software support, easily available to anyone, at a great price.